Outlook Training (and a video of me!)

We’re great fans of the Outlook series of courses and although they are hard to explain I would recommend them to anyone. So much so that we encourage everyone at work to do at least the first.

Outlook have just updated their web site which features a segment from me on Outlook in the workplace. Normally I hate videos of me and I don’t really like this one but I’m really happy to be able to do my bit to promote Outlook. Most organisations are quite dysfunctional internally and if the majority of people have attended Outlook things get a lot lot simpler. It was quite fun being interviewed on camera too, I’ve done big presentations but was very nervous about the whole camera thing but really enjoyed it in the end.

This is probably the moment to embarrass my friend and colleague Jodie who is the blonde lady who starts this video off and appears in other videos on the site. She’s just completed Summit and I’ve never seen her happier.

Outlook is one of those experiences which can only enrich you – a great experience, stupidly cheap, and full of great people. Highly recommended to everyone.