As The Times disappears, The Guardian shows leadership

I can’t believe this is a coincidence. The Times & Sunday Times go behind a paywall, and at the same time The Guardian release a plugin to make sharing content easier on your blog. You couldn’t make it up – such a stark difference in approaches.

My main newspapers are The FT, The Economist and The Week. I used to read The Sunday Times but it was increasingly pointless and whilst I might try it for a month I can’t really see me paying for The Times. However, I can see me increasingly reading The Guardian despite it’s left-of-center reputation being slightly out of whack with my normal repertoire.

Anyway, I’ve installed the plugin and shall see how it goes. I often find myself pointing colleagues to various articles, so the plugin might prove useful.

All I need now is for The Guardian to produce an iPad app, and for the FT iPad app to support emailing links to articles…