Scary thoughts about the BP Gulf of Mexico spill

This analysis makes sober reading.

We need to prepare for the possibility of this blow out sending more oil into the gulf per week then what we already have now, because that is what a collapse of the system will cause. All the collection efforts that have captured oil will be erased in short order. The magnitude of this disaster will increase exponentially by the time we can do anything to halt it and our odds of actually even being able to halt it will go down.

The magnitude and impact of this disaster will eclipse anything we have known in our life times if the worst or even near worst happens. We are seeing the puny forces of man vs. the awesome forces of nature. We are going to need some luck and a lot of effort to win…and if nature decides we ought to lose, we will.

Interesting analysis, scary conclusions.

That article also pointed to this introduction to drilling offshore wells which answered a lot of basic questions I had.