Stephen Fry on Apple

Stephen Fry’s latest post on Apple:

Some Apple devices are better than others, but I confess I am nearly always childlike in my thrilled and squeaking pleasure when the latest object of desire chugs off the Cupertino conveyor belt. What Willie Wonka was to Charlie, Steve Jobs is to me.

Very true.

I was talking with a colleague the other day, and it struck me as interesting that Apple more-or-less created the Personal Computer (well, made it viable), and to compete the entire industry had to gang up on them (with the WinTel platform). Now they’ve made Mobile Computing viable and again you can see the rest of the industry, led by Google and their Android platform, ganging up because that’s the only way they can compete.

Say what you like about Apple and Steve Jobs, but the reality is he’s the one who makes the new industry viable, he’s the one they all have to gang up on, and he’s one of the few from the Personal Computing wars who’s even in the fight for Mobile Computing.