Good article on the iPad in homes

I find myself agreeing a lot with this poster’s view on how the iPad fits into the home.

So I’ve changed my mind about the iPad and tablet computers. In my initial review, I focused on capabilities. And tablets are stuck between the power and utility of the notebook and the size and features of a smartphone. But they also create a middle place in terms of usability. And that is what I missed in my first day with the iPad. It feels less like a computer than any computing device I’ve owned. It’s easy on me in a way that the other devices are not. So I’m now convinced that tablets will have an important place in our homes and our lives.

I find it interesting how the iPad is almost always in the same room of the house as me, much more so than my laptop. Of course, my phone is almost always in my pocket, but I am using it a lot less, and even though we have spare laptops in the house (old ones from work), I’m reaching for the iPad first and spending very little time on the laptop now.