Vodafone’s iPad 3G plans already have customer reviews

In my iPad shipment notification there was a link to each of the 3G providers. I ordered one each of the MicroSIMs as they were only 20p each. On Vodafone’s iPad page I was impressed to see they already have reviews from customers! Who you will be glad to know are very pleased with the service.

For a product that doesn’t ship until Friday. Hmmm. And the two reviews have rated it 3/5 and 5/5. Hmmm. The reviews don’t read like they are planted, but you would have thought they’d only accept customer reviews after the product has shipped?

Having said that, I’ve learned that O2 let you manage your account from your iPad and Vodafone don’t, and O2 bundle WiFi access and Vodafone don’t. So maybe I’ll skip Vodafone!

Here’s a screen shot of the page in case they take it down.

Screen Shot of the Vodafone page this morning