Recipe databases/managers – what I want and can’t have

So… I am cooking occasionally. Which is of course no big deal, unless you realise how much this isn’t my thing! One tries etc.

Anyway, naturally I want all those pesky paper recipes somewhere electronic, so I can search them (and paper is *so* old fashioned!

I also want to be able to spit out a shopping list. Ideally, I want to be able to do a weekly meal plan, produce a weekly shopping list, and have it all work out nicely.

SousChef for the Mac does this… quite nicely in fact. but…

I have multiple machines, and I want to be able to do this from whatever machine I’m on. I also want to share the database with the rest of the family because this is a collaborative endeavour.

All this points to a web-enabled SousChef. Or at least, SousChef with a database which is shared in the Cloud.

Oh, I need something with UK units, and Weight Watchers aware.

A few minutes Googling tells me there’s nothing out there… which sucks.

BTW, SousChef is really impressive, lots of nice touches. But I need the “Any machine, any one” bit…

Bit frustrating really, stuff’s out there but not quite. The geek in me wants to write my own, but I don’t have time. Would love to find a solution. Perhaps there’s a business here?