Dear O2, about my iPhone

Dear O2…

I tried to upgrade my iPhone to the new 3GS model when they first came out. I would have happily paid and been locked into another contract with you, but I was told I’d have to wait until my contract expired – or pay the equivalent lump sum up front.

Now Vodafone and Orange will both be selling the iPhone by the time I can upgrade. At the very least your ability to premium-price has been diluted, and you can bet I’ll be looking at those two providers before O2 (because let’s face it, your network is nothing to write home about).

Kind of makes that policy of refusing upgrades a little bit silly, doesn’t it?

Here’s the deal – I’m an iPhone customer. The network I use is just a means to an end. When a new model comes out, I’m likely to want to upgrade. So within the bounds of economic reasonableness, let me get the phone I want and stay out of my way , and I’ll remain a customer. Keep me captive and I’ll leave as soon as I can.

2 thoughts on “Dear O2, about my iPhone”

  1. It’s the same story here in the States of course with AT&T and I echo your sentiment. I imagine with all the flak they have received not only about their upgrade policies but even more so the stability of their network that AT&T will see a significant decrease in subscriptions when Apple announces additional carriers here in the States.

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