The Apple TV

I must confess I don’t understand why the Apple TV isn’t more successful.

Think of it like a TV-connected iPod. Plug one into your TV and magically all your iTunes content is available on the TV. It Just Works.

I’ll confess we have three of these beasts at home, and a little Mac Mini (with attached Drobo) acting as a media server. Works really nicely, and I’m in the process of converting the DVDs we have bought so we can cut down on the optical media cluttering up the place.

It took a little effort to get all this setup but as long as the wireless network is functional, it all works like a charm. We can have all our media in any room we choose.

Today I found out you can teach the Apple TV to use your TVs remote, which was icing on the cake. One less bit of clutter.

The only fly in the ointment is Apple have structured the menus so that they list the ones that involve you buying new content from the iTunes Music store first, and it’s a couple of clicks down to get to the stuff you’ve already bought. Which seems a little childish really. But that’s a small complaint.

Otherwise, highly recommended…