Spot on: it isn’t the TSA’s fault

Insightful: Adam Shostack, one of the security industry’s more eloquent practitioners, had this to say in his Emergent Chaos blog: “It’s true. TSA employees are just doing their job, which is to secure transportation systems. The trouble is, their job is impossible. We all know that it’s possible to smuggle things past the nudatrons and the frisking. Unfortunately, TSA’s job … Read More

Flying Naked

This post comes up with the spoof idea that we’ll all need to travel naked in future, and develops the theme nicely explaining how it would work as the best preventative measure ever: Think about the people you see on airplanes.  Then imagine what they would look like naked.  Eeeew. That’s right, fat, old, wrinkled, smelly bodies surrounding you.  Not … Read More