Amazon – they still don’t get it

That the Twitterati might have jumped to the wrong conclusion on #amazon fail is regrettable. Regardless of the merits of the situation, Amazon’s handling of the situation is indefensible. They are being outclassed by a Pizza chain.

Another brand crucified on the cross of social media

Following on from #amazonfail, we have Domino’s Pizza who also got into serious trouble over the Easter Weekend when two employees videod themselves doing quite horrible things in food preparation, and posted it on YouTube. “Global Brands” live off a vision of perfection which can’t possibly stand up to the level of scrutiny that’s no longer possible when every bad … Read More

“Amazon Fail” – the problems of large companies

I’ve been watching the whole “Amazon Fail” thing with some interest. I won’t rehash the story – here’s a good write up, one of many. Aside from the whole values thing – which is a personal thing and isn’t really interesting – more interesting is “How on earth did this happen?”. Either this was a thing sanctioned at the highest … Read More