Letting kids do “dangerous” stuff

This is a great TED talk on kids at play – and of course, how kids need to learn to play with things that we might feel is “dangerous” but still an important part of growing up. This influenced my attitude to parenting quite a lot (on top of my own upbringing, of course!).

Here’s the talk’s page on the TED site with some interesting comments.

Why play is vital at work

This is a really interesting talk from TED on why play is important – just as sleeping, dreaming etc. are.

We play a lot at work, sometimes what you might view as rather “Immature” games, sometimes more seriously with technology or tools. I believe play an important part of keeping the mind flexible and joyful, which makes it a fun place to be, but also has significant benefits for us as a company.

Play definitely has a place in any well run company, every day, every place.