Journalist Wall Of Shame

Some of the reporting is awfully sensationalist and fear mongering, playing on people’s fears to get a quick, cheap story. There’s a good list of some of the worst examples on the Journalist Wall of Shame. Really quite shocking what’s being said, which is a real shame because it just feeds on people’s misunderstanding of all things Nuclear and will … Read More

What I want in a Washing Machine

So the washing machine died… it had been getting more and more noisy and this morning whilst I was performing my domestic duties it started doing that really really catastrophic noisy thing and massive movement which indicates this is the last spin cycle it will ever do. Clearly a Washing Machine is kind of critical especially with two small boys, … Read More

Some more information on Japan’s current status

The traditional news media is painting an alarming picture of the situation in Japan; if I just relied on what the TV was saying, you’d think the place was wiped off the map. This excellent post gives some perspective. Some quotes: … to an extent, anyway. See, the thing that people don’t realize is that Honshu is massive. It is … Read More

An insightful experiment

Our psychological state allows us to see only what we want/need/feel to see at a particular time. What five words do you see? Very interesting…