If you use Facebook you should do this (possibly without any Children about) It’ll probably freak you out, but that’s all the more reason to watch it and then be conscious of what you share on line.

Friday Fun – Sales Job Titles

We’re in the process of recruiting a new sales person for work, and were becoming increasingly exasperated with the difficultly of matching a job title and a set of responsibilities/expectations. A search of any Job Board for a Sales job will give you an idea of just how confusing it all is. So we came up with the following Job … Read More

The Innovators Dilemma in Action

Seems Microsoft could have had a decent rival to the iPad, but killed it. Courier was cancelled because the product didn’t clearly align with the company’s Windows and Office franchises As a result, Microsoft is in third place in the Tablet space (behind Apple and Android). Apple re-thought the “personal” computing experience and produced a product so revolutionary that it … Read More

Our houses are getting bigger

Rick Bookstaber makes the point on Business Insider that technology is increasingly changing the way we live our lives (also here). He comes at it from the perspective of Commodities but his thoughts parallel my own personal experience of how technology is changing my living arrangements: Our demand for housing and transportation, two of the biggest commodity hogs, will be … Read More