Outlook Training (and a video of me!)

We’re great fans of the Outlook series of courses and although they are hard to explain I would recommend them to anyone. So much so that we encourage everyone at work to do at least the first. Outlook have just updated their web site which features a segment from me on Outlook in the workplace. Normally I hate videos of … Read More

Clay Shirky’s rant on women (in the workplace)

We employ a lot of women – it wasn’t deliberate, although if I am allowed to generalise a bit I suspect the work we do means that qualities associated with the female of the species are particularly useful in our line of work. In addition, through sensible and pragmatic employment policies (e.g. treating people like adults) we’ve tripped over a … Read More

FT.com | Don Sull’s Blog | Identifying dry rot in your industry

Very interesting posed on FT.com – Don Sull’s Blog “Identifying dry rot in your industry”. The downturn has exposed flaws in business models, such as newspapers. Identifying basket cases after they have collapsed is easy, but by then it is too late to save them. The trick is to spot the weak spots in a damaged business model before it … Read More

Social Transparency and being a parent

Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn – and many others to come, I am sure. They allow us to share fragments of our lives. For myself, and my social “network” the sharing is mainly amongst our peers. My children are still learning to read, although as they do they notice what Mummy and Daddy are doing on computers, and get interested in what … Read More

Why play is vital at work

This is a really interesting talk from TED on why play is important – just as sleeping, dreaming etc. are. We play a lot at work, sometimes what you might view as rather “Immature” games, sometimes more seriously with technology or tools. I believe play an important part of keeping the mind flexible and joyful, which makes it a fun … Read More