“Groping people at the airport doesn’t solve our problems”

I find the political process in different countries fascinating. I don’t know enough to comment, but I find the style differences quite amazing (I remember once as a boy listening to a session of the Australian parliament – wow!). Anyway, quite liked this from Ron Paul who is apparently a fairly free-thinking US politician: “Groping …

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Common sense on the TSA

Good post from Bruce Schneier on the Backlash against the TSA’s new Backscatter Scanners or search-by-grope initiative. A good counter-point to the “More security is always better” brigade: According to the Cornell study, roughly 130 inconvenienced travelers died every three months as a result of additional traffic fatalities brought on by substituting ground transit for …

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Scary read on US Airlines

I have to admit, I really don’t like flying on US Domestic routes – it just isn’t pleasant and got a lot worse after 9/11. This article on the Pilot’s Unions and the Airlines is quite sobering reading. It appears that commercial instability and quite possibly safety hazards are built in to the industry.