“Groping people at the airport doesn’t solve our problems”

I find the political process in different countries fascinating. I don’t know enough to comment, but I find the style differences quite amazing (I remember once as a boy listening to a session of the Australian parliament – wow!). Anyway, quite liked this from Ron Paul who is apparently a fairly free-thinking US politician: “Groping people at the airport doesn’t … Read More

Rotting your brain

Great post from Seth Godin on people’s deliberate choice to be uninformed. I am continuously amazed how much trash media people consume, yet hardly touch high-quality thoughtful stuff which more available than ever. Why is it that people will watch what we eat, but not what they read or watch? Why is it they will go to the gym for … Read More

Giving women the vote causes inflation?

Merryn Somerset Webb at MoneyWeek theorises that giving women the vote causes inflation: We wonder if it is the case that you can trace inflation in the West back to universal suffrage. Politicians promise what they think voters want and women voters, being society’s main carers, are most likely to be promised the things that most expand the state. Historically, … Read More