The Innovators Dilemma in Action

Seems Microsoft could have had a decent rival to the iPad, but killed it. Courier was cancelled because the product didn’t clearly align with the company’s Windows and Office franchises As a result, Microsoft is in third place in the Tablet space (behind Apple and Android). Apple re-thought the “personal” computing experience and produced a product so revolutionary that it … Read More

“Twilight” explained for Men

Tripped over this, made me smile remembering when a friend got completely into the Twilight books (I think she’s “Team Edward” whatever that says about her). Not sure this summary is entirely fair… but it is amusing!

Cool Unexpected Kindle Feature – Clippings

Yes, I have an iPad and I love it. I also have a Kindle, and love it too – as a reading device it is much better than the iPad which is fine. As people are pointing out, it isn’t a question of “iPad or Kindle”. Get an iPad, and if you finding yourself reading a lot of eBooks then … Read More