Makerbot and Printing From Minecraft Part 1

We’ve just got a MakerBot Replicator and the boys naturally wanted to print their Minecraft creations. To start, we installed minecraft.print. I actually installed this on their Ubuntu-based Minecraft server (Josh doesn’t have root access). Cloning it from GitHub was pretty simple and I installed the dependencies using apt-get and pip. Josh did put marker blocks in the main Minecraft … Read More

No Sound with iPlayer and a Humax YouView box

I’m exploring “Cutting the cord” at home (cancelling Cable). So I got a Human YouTube box. See link below. The idea is I want something which can give us Live TV but without a subscription. I’ll need a DTT ariel in time. But for the moment, I’m just using it as a streaming box… the Samsung “Smart TV” apps are … Read More

Google Nexus 7 Brief Review

I’ve killed my iPad Mini (dropped it in a car park) so I’m back to using my Nexus 7 around the house. This is an interesting exercise because I’d stopped using it once I got the iPad Mini and mostly forgotten about it. Here’s some brief thoughts…   What I like about it It is cheap – £159. As a … Read More

The Innovators Dilemma in Action

Seems Microsoft could have had a decent rival to the iPad, but killed it. Courier was cancelled because the product didn’t clearly align with the company’s Windows and Office franchises As a result, Microsoft is in third place in the Tablet space (behind Apple and Android). Apple re-thought the “personal” computing experience and produced a product so revolutionary that it … Read More