Makerbot and Printing From Minecraft Part 1

We’ve just got a MakerBot Replicator and the boys naturally wanted to print their Minecraft creations. To start, we installed minecraft.print. I actually installed this on their Ubuntu-based Minecraft server (Josh doesn’t have root access). Cloning it from GitHub was pretty simple and I installed the dependencies using apt-get and pip. Josh did put marker blocks in the main Minecraft … Read More

Interesting 10 minutes on Education

Thought provoking. I have been a Ken Robinson fan every since bumping into this TED Talk on “Do schools kill creativity”. I have to admit to being increasingly concerned about the education system, both as I watch my children go through the process, but also as an employer. I suspect we’re in a situation where everyone knows the system is … Read More

What are you doing to your Child’s Digital Footprint?

Interesting article on the digital footprints we are creating for our children. From the article: The average age at which a child acquires an online presence courtesy of their parents is at six months, and by the time they are two 81% of children have some kind of ‘digital footprint’. A third (33%) of children have had images posted online … Read More

Children and Social Media (and The Internet in general)

Andy Affleck in a TidBits article asks When Should We Introduce Social Media to Kids? which is something that I can see is going to be an issue for us soon. He draws an interesting analogy between parenting in the real world, and on line. When our children go out into the real world at this age, they never do … Read More