Ahhh so this is why you get “Charging is not supported”

Seems that everything Audio has an iPod charger on it these days which is great. However every time I upgrade my iPhone/iPod Touch I find yet more of them don’t work any more, with a “Charging is not supported with this accessory”. So Via BoingBoing I found this seriously geeky explanation of how Apple Devices […]

An excellent post on what the iPad really is

The iPad is certainly causing people to think, and this post from Matt Gemell with thoughts on How to Compete with iPad really hits the nail on the head in terms of what the iPad represents. For students of the Innovator’s Dilemma you can really see it at work in the reaction to the iPad. […]

More on the changing Cellphone market

Good analysis in this TechCrunch post about the changing Cellphone market. Is there any question what Google is doing here? They’re taking the traditional mobile model in this country, where you first choose your carrier, and then choose your phone, and turning it upside down. It’s what Apple started with the iPhone. The networks have always […]

O2 finally let us upgrade our iPhones – sort of

So I tried to upgrade my iPhone and wasn’t that happy that O2’s attitude was a flat “Non!”. Now it seems O2 have finally relented and if we’re good enough customers we can upgrade our iPhones early. Apparently there’s an “O2 Priority List” (is this new?) which I’ve never heard of before. Here’s what it means […]