BlackBerry’s Playbook iPad competitor

They’ve finally announced the BlackBerry PlayBook… I am intrigued… do they genuinely believe they’ve got a killer product on their hands, or are they just putting it out there and hoping to buy themselves time. A few major things jump out which makes me wonder. It is directed at business (“The business-centric iPad”) but is called the “Playbook”. There’s confusion … Read More

If you want to take your 3G iPad abroad…

Someone has started a Wiki with details of how you can get pre-paid Data SIMs for different countries, which pretty useful if you want to travel with your 3G iPad. It still feels a little tricky as a process, but I would think in a year or so you’ll be able to buy one on arrival at a country, and … Read More

Why you can’t roam with your iPad

I travel a lot, so roaming is an important thing for me. I’ve been waiting for Orange to publish roaming prices but it appears they might not ever. From this article in The Times: Operators are legally required to send their customers a text message when they enter a foreign country to warn them of the increased cost of using … Read More

iPad used during Surgery

From Crunchgear, here’s an example of an iPad being used in Surgery in Japan. This one of the exciting aspects of the iPad – whilst it is aimed at being a personal device to kind of bring The Internet and other Media to the sofa, that also means it can bring the connected world into all sorts of strange situations. … Read More