The Innovators Dilemma in Action

Seems Microsoft could have had a decent rival to the iPad, but killed it. Courier was cancelled because the product didn’t clearly align with the company’s Windows and Office franchises As a result, Microsoft is in third place in the Tablet space (behind Apple and Android). Apple re-thought the “personal” computing experience and produced a product so revolutionary that it … Read More

Apple’s Tablet Computer History

This is a fascinating overview of Apple’s Tablet Computer history which gives you an idea of just how long the road to the iPad has been, starting from the Apple Graphics Tablet in 1979. Well worth a read if you are interested in how new concepts come about.

BlackBerry’s Playbook iPad competitor

They’ve finally announced the BlackBerry PlayBook… I am intrigued… do they genuinely believe they’ve got a killer product on their hands, or are they just putting it out there and hoping to buy themselves time. A few major things jump out which makes me wonder. It is directed at business (“The business-centric iPad”) but is called the “Playbook”. There’s confusion … Read More