No Sound with iPlayer and a Humax YouView box

I’m exploring “Cutting the cord” at home (cancelling Cable).

So I got a Human YouTube box. See link below. The idea is I want something which can give us Live TV but without a subscription. I’ll need a DTT ariel in time.

But for the moment, I’m just using it as a streaming box… the Samsung “Smart TV” apps are soooo slow and rubbish, but this is pretty good.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting any sound when playing most programmes on iPlayer. Either directly through the TV, or via our sound system.

Turns out if you change the Sound output, problem solved.

  • Press the Blue YouView button on the controller
  • Scroll to Settings and Press OK
  • Scroll to “TV Signal & Quality” and Press OK
  • Press down until you get to “HDMI Audio Format” and Press OK
  • Press right until it shows “Surround” and Press OK
  • then press the Blue YouView button

That gave me reliable sound using iPlayer on the Human YouView box…



2 thoughts on “No Sound with iPlayer and a Humax YouView box”

  1. Great advice, thank you. It has taken me a few days to find this article but it has successfully resolved my problem with no iPlayer volume on You View.

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