Friday Fun – Sales Job Titles

We’re in the process of recruiting a new sales person for work, and were becoming increasingly exasperated with the difficultly of matching a job title and a set of responsibilities/expectations. A search of any Job Board for a Sales job will give you an idea of just how confusing it all is.

So we came up with the following Job Title Generator for sales. First column is optional, then you can mix and match from the other columns.

Graduate Account Executive
Senior New Business Consultant
Experienced Business Development    Manager
Multi-lingual     Sales Associate
Global Territory Director

So you can have “Global Account Manager” and “Senior Business Development Executive” etc.

Yeah, I know we need to get out more. But it does show how devilishly hard it is to find out what someone does based on their Sales-focused job title, or indeed how to pick a job title that will resonate with the right people.

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