What I want in a Washing Machine

So the washing machine died… it had been getting more and more noisy and this morning whilst I was performing my domestic duties it started doing that really really catastrophic noisy thing and massive movement which indicates this is the last spin cycle it will ever do.

Clearly a Washing Machine is kind of critical especially with two small boys, and my travel schedule. So thanks to The Internet, a new washing machine will arrive Tuesday – crisis over. And I think we will be able to keep the old one, which will provide a weekend’s worth of entertainment and education for the Boys as we talk it apart – and a very happy colleague who will get the bits for his Heath Robinson projects.

But this got me thinking – I want one with a network connection. Which I mentioned on Facebook and someone quite rightly asked “Why”.

This is what I expect my washing machine to provide:

  • SNMP for
    • Status (stage of washing cycle etc.
    • Energy Use
    • Water use
    • Any other stats (I think they weigh the washing, and measure detergent – that would be interesting)
  • Email alerts on events (e.g. finished, error reports)
  • Web interface for administration, user’s manual etc.
  • A way of pinging it to say “Start” – so I can coordinate with the rest of my household
  • Service status, warnings of imminent servicing etc.

Then I can hook my washing machine up to Nagios, etc.

Oh and I want my Dishwasher and Dryer to do this too… and the heating system.

Given the ubiquity of WiFi chips and Microcontrollers – I can’t see this being too far away surely? And it would be exceptionally cool – let’s just hope they provide IPv6 🙂

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