One final TSA thing

I’m going to shut up about the TSA thing now (although tomorrow might be interesting) but this (via Fake Steve Jobs) is sad:

The awful thing is that the TSA guys want to do a good job, the traveling public want to be safe… and yet we’re here… with no one happy, or indeed safer. Tragic – and I’d like to blame the TSA management, or their political oversight… but they got elected. Our political masters are just doing what they think will get them re-elected.

People need a better appreciation of risk, and security tradeoffs. Perhaps the best place to introduce this is in sports commentary? Because spectator sport is at least one place people will reliably pay attention. (yeah, I know – but I’m being pragmatic here).

With more understanding of statistics, we might get a more refined view of everyday risks, and from there a better perspective on what “security” is – and then perhaps we can stop the terrorists scaring us into creating our own prison.