Experiences as Education

Having an experience is so much more powerful than learning in the abstract; it is one of the insights which makes the Outlook courses so powerful. It is also why most of our training at Amphora is in-context – basically you get on a plane with someone who has done it before and spend a few days out of your comfort zone. You may not like it at the time but you will appreciate it afterwards!

Prompted by this post from John Udell about his experience in the Hospice movement, relevant part of which is:

This not only poignant. It also speaks volumes about effective explanation. For a long time my mantra has been: Show, don’t tell. If I show you a concrete example, that’s better than if I just tell you about an abstract principle. But that still leaves you on the outside looking in. If I can instead get you to experience for yourself what I am trying to explain, you will understand in a deep way and you will never forget.

As an aside, I find it heart warming when Blogs allow “Industry Personalities” like John Udell (who I read fanatically in pre-web days) can show a more personal side. We’re all human, and it is nice that people we might encounter in a broadcast-only context feel free to share a more rounded view of themselves.