The Arun LNG Plant in Lhokseumawe will close in 2014

End of an era… according to this article in the Jakarta Post, the Arun LNG plant at Lhokseumawe will cease production in 2014. The article has a good summary of the history of the project and options for the future.

My Dad spent a large part of his career involved in Arun, first based in London doing the planning, and the we lived in Pioneer Camp from 1977 – 1979 when they build Trains 1 – 3, going to the International School and where Mum taught science. We then came back in about 1981 when Dad was Site Manager for Trains 4 & 5, then 6, and then the LPG Project until they came back to the UK in 1988.

Lots of fond memories, it was a wonderful place to grow up full of amazing experiences and travel. It is a shame to hear that things are drawing to a close, and a reminder that fossil fuels don’t last forever!

There’s an excellent group on Facebook for people who attended the International School of Lhokseumawe (ISOL) here. Really must dig out some of my old photos etc.

Whilst researching for more background I found the following links which might be helpful:

5 thoughts on “The Arun LNG Plant in Lhokseumawe will close in 2014”

  1. Simon,
    Interesting info on the closing. That will be 40 years after I was there in 1974 doing the site investigation. There was nothing there. It was quite beautiful. A bunch of Aussies and Kiwis subbed out to Bechtel. Brings back memories – a whole career ago

  2. I was also at PT Arun, joined as a Shift Maintenance Supervisor in 1978 with Technicare. When i arrived Train 1 had just made “The First Drop” and the HASH had just had a teeshirt run to celebrate it. I stayed on with my family joining me in 1981 until we all left in 1986. We all had some happy days there and welcome contact from anybody who remember me. I was HASH Grand Master for a while and ran under the name of OFFKEY. You may remember Derek Coffey started same day as i did, we later both bought little motorcycles which we travelled all over the place on at weekends.

  3. Apakah masih ada lowongan pekerjaan di PT. ARUN?
    Kapan bisa mendafttar, jika ada dibuka lowongan pekerjaan.


  4. Virginia Smith Camerlo

    Thanks for sharing Simon. Too bad the ISOL FB page is down. I attended first and second grades (with your sister?) at ISOL in the late 70’s (the 1978 and 1979 “Diplomat” and a few HASH shirts have survived!). We were a Bechtel family (father = Steve Smith) and I have many fond memories of washed up jellyfish, stingrays, movie nights about flesh eating rats and ants, school plays, baseball games, observing “bloodsuckers” in mud pools after a good rain, counting mosquito bites, and grape Fanta. Cheers!

  5. love to hear all of your experience. love to see the pic of lhokseumawe in that year. and lhokseumawe are welcome for you guys to come back for just a memory refresh.

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