Fun with WordPress

WordPress 3.0 has just come out so I thought I’d upgrade, and at the same time switch the theme to something a little fresher. I’d used iBlog on Amphora’s TechBlog and quite liked it, and decided to give iBlog Pro a try.

I’ve never been a PHP kind of guy, and would classify myself as a WordPress amateur. But every time I mess with WordPress I am impressed with what it can do and how well it is thought out – in addition, the documentation is excellent. The sheer diversity of the WordPress-centric ecosystem means you can get a plugin for just about anything.

A an hour of messing around and I have a new theme, I’ve figured out how to embed some PHP into a page to show my Links, and I’ve got some menus showing. Lots of fun. I get the feeling I can do an awful lot more quite easily, especially now I’ve got a professional theme.