This is why I fly British Airways

So I fly. I used to fly an insane amount, but now I just fly a lot. BA have become my airline of choice partly because I live close to LHR and partly because everyone else I have tried has sucked more than BA (who aren’t prefect, but they are good especially if you have climbed the slippery pole to Gold status).

Now of course the cabin crew are striking which is annoying for two reasons:

  • It is disruptive – we rely on BA to be able to do our business!
  • I worry about the future of the only reasonable airline and who I’d fly if they turned into a surly US-style carrier (the merger with AA isn’t good news from that perspective). All the reasonable alternatives like SilverJet have gone.
  • I’ve got a huge number of BA Miles oustanding.

But the real reason I fly BA is because it makes me feel good. I saw this in a Sunday Times piece by Jeremy Clarkson today

I like Virgin. And I flew Singapore Airlines recently, which was out of this world. But there is nothing quite so joyous as leaving the hustle and bustle of a superheated Third World hellhole and being greeted on the big BA jumbo by a homosexual with a cold flannel and a refreshing glass of champagne. Take that away from us and we may as well all be Belgian.

When you fly BA you feel like you are home the moment you step into the BA Lounge. There’s nothing better when you’ve spent a week running around some strange country doing 4 meetings a day, a different city each day. I can plonk my sleep-deprived, travel-ravaged carcass into a chair, sip a glass of red wine, and read that day’s UK paper.

Please BA, sort yourselves out.