Seeding digital devices with Content – the problem of books

So here’s a thought.

When I got an iPod, I could Rip all my CDs to MP3 and later AAC. So I could easily fill my iPod up with the music I already had, I didn’t need to shell out for a device and a load more content.

When I got an Apple TV, it took everything I already had on iTunes. Apparently using tools like MacTheRipper you can also backup the DVDs you legally own, so you can play them on your Apple TV. Again, I bought the device but I didn’t need to get a load more content.

But with an eBook reader, I can’t really Rip a book can I? If I want to read a book on my iPad or Sony eReader I have to buy it – even if I already have a physical copy. Which kind of sucks.

I wonder if that has slowed the adoption of eBook readers. Of course, the iPad isn’t just an eReader so it shouldn’t matter too much to Apple.

Now, if someone would come up with a scheme where I can trade in my physical books for an eBook copy…. 🙂