The snow of 1963 was really scary!

Yes, this sucks. No fun whatever now, and we’ve got a few more days to go it seems.

I read something about the big freeze in 1962/63  – it didn’t thaw until March! Here’s some more info:

Of course, in those days they didn’t have:

  • Cars with funky electronics to stop us sliding around so much
  • The Internet (imagine how isolated you’d feel now without it?)
  • Multi-channel TV to keep us sane
  • The Wii, to keep us fit

And now I shall go back to work, counting my lucky stars…

One Comment on “The snow of 1963 was really scary!”

  1. Hi Simon,
    Nice reading your blog and watching these videos. This winter we’ve built an iglo in our street with my neighbour boy of 18, large enough for 5 adults (took us 6 hours). Here’s a nice video on building real iglo’s in 1921!!!
    Cheers, Peter

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