Apple TV, Parental Controls, Ooops

So we have AppleTVs on all the TVs in the house. Works great, we have a server which runs iTunes and has all the Music/Video on.

The boys are getting older, and there’s now an element of self-service going on. After a few near misses, parental controls are in order.

Turns out the AppleTV has parental controls, which is great.┬áBut… you type in the PIN in a way which means it is displayed on the TV, so if you’re looking at the TV they’re going to see it. And of course, because it’s a secret there’s lots of child effort being put into finding out what it is, and great delight in remembering it.

I’ve probably only got a few months before the whole “Close your eyes, Daddy’s typing in a secret” will continue to work…

Ideally Apple will come up with a better way….? Because the current one sucks.

Alternatively I’ll need to setup a separate “Mum & Dad” iTunes install and stream anything rated stronger than PG off that.

Update: This post is getting a lot of hits so I will briefly update with my solution… I eventually split the not-for-children content out and put it onto a different Mac which we access under “Shared Movies” from the Apple TV – the boys haven’t figured that out yet, and I tend to sleep that machine when I am not at home. My new-model Apple TV comes tomorrow, which I suspect will change things again, we shall see.

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