UK iPhone Tarrifs

Carphone Warehouse have a table of UK iPhone Tariffs on their web site. Which is kind of useful, although it takes a lot to figure out what’s best.

As far as I can see, O2 and Orange are nearly the same except for the lowest pay monthly plan, which is slightly more generous from Orange, for the same price.

Vodafone is less generous in their monthly plans, unless you are seriously addicted to texting.

But then when you get into the additional stuff, it all becomes as clear as mud. For example, the o2 bolt ons mean you can get unlimited texting just as you can from Vodafone, for no extra charge.

And then there’s Tesco’s iPhone plan which is apparently provided by o2.

Of course, it is all so complex that no one really takes advantage of their cellphone plan, do they?

For work, what I really care about is the International Roaming charges, which again are as clear as mud.

I suspect this is one of those decisions where you could spend hours analysing it to save the grand total of 10p in the year. But you’ll never know.

So it’s down to an emotional decision – I’ve always had a bad customer experience with Vodafone (although their network is apparently better), O2’s been ok although they’ve been a bit cynical in their exploitation of iPhone users and their network is apparently not as good as the rest, and then Orange – my first phone was with Orange, and I’ve had no complaints, but that was years ago.

Shouldn’t this be easier?

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