The TSA’s current security insanity

I’ve been watching with increasing concern the absurd reaction to the latest security incident involving planes. You really couldn’t make it up.

This article on The Economist’s Gulliver blog is the best I’ve seen so far – good summary of what’s happening with some decent analysis.

Just found via Twitter  – here’s the TSA regulation with some commentary.

This is completely nuts – I am struck by the difference between the UK and the US in response to Terrorism. I recall when the IRA bombed the London commuter rail network, we all went in as normal the next day because to do otherwise would have meant the Terrorists would win.

In contrast, the US Authorities seem intent on “being seen to do something” and if that means something massively disruptive but totally ineffective (“Security Theatre“) well so be it.

Come on guys, get a grip. The latest incident was a failure of your existing processes. Fix that, don’t shove more inconvenience in the way of the public – otherwise we’ll turn into a Police State and then the Terrorists will have won.

There’s risk in every day life, let’s keep things in perspective – otherwise the baddies will get exactly what they want.