Or friends at BudgetSketch have launched. I’ve never really got into the traditional personal financial planning stuff before (it never really “Fit” with my life) but BudgetSketch is different… and worth a try.

Can’t think of a better time for a personal financial planning service like this, and I can’t think of a better bunch to do it. Well done guys!

1 thought on “BudgetSketch”

  1. Thanks Simon!

    High praise from someone who has taught us so much about developing quality software. We hope to add support for all decimalized currencies soon. So those of you as tired of staring at the USD sign as we are need no longer do so!

    Let the politicians work on the macro-economies. BudgetSketch is intended to solve the world financial crisis from the micro-economy level.

    Thanks again for the kind words and encouragement.

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